Black Top & Checker Cabs

  • 777 Pacific Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R7
  • Phone: 604.731.1111, Toll Free: 1-800-494-1111

Black Top & Checker Cabs has been operating in the city of Vancouver for over 70 years, emphasizing a new level of comfort, convenience and custom service for the local taxi industry.

Black Top & Checker Cabs has 44 wheelchair accessible / 6 seater vans on the road, and 90% of our fleet are hybrid vehicles in order to lessen our company's carbon footprint.

Our company has the second largest fleet in the city, with over 280 vehicles available for hire. The amount of cabs on the road, combined with a dispatch with more staff and better technology than any other within Vancouver, allows Black Top & Checker Cabs to provide the most expedient and expansive geographic coverage of any cab company in the city.