In Vancouver the power of nature is all around us. And it has been proven that spending time in nature makes people happier, healthier, and less stressed. Whether one chooses to go bird watching, hiking, or foraging, finding connections to the land has benefits well worth exploring. And exploring our land through a First Nations’ lens affords a unique perspective on what the land gives to all.

Stanley Park, Vancouver’s urban oasis, is the perfect spot to explore aboriginal ways of seeing, being and doing. Interpreting and experiencing an aboriginal world view is part of every Talaysay tour. Local First Nations guide, and cultural ambassadors lead the Talking Trees Tour in Stanley Park, pointing out plants that have been harvested by the Coast Salish people for food, medicine and technology, while sharing stories of people, the land, and ways of living harmoniously. The Spoken Treasures Tour immerses participants in the rich history of Stanley Park and Vancouver through Indigenous eyes. With a focus on how indigenous ancestors lived sustainably through the Potlatch, this historical and cultural tour also tells the stories of the totem poles found in Stanley Park. The Forest Therapy Walk is the perfect tour to connect to the forest with all senses. Interacting with nature in meaningful and healing ways in this calming and nurturing experience can be the antidote of a busy life.

For a more active indigenous experience, Takaya Tours in Vancouver’s North Shore offers a Cultural Canoe Tour in a replica ocean-going canoe. This interpretive, guided paddle in the protected waters of the Burrard Inlet and Indian Arm is a great way to learn about ancient village sites and hear legends and Coast Salish Nation sing songs.