About Us


To support Vancouver's tourism industry in developing their experiences and promoting Vancouver in target Canadian, US, and international markets.


To responsibly rebuild a sustainable visitor economy to $8.5B by 2026.


To transform our communities and our visitors through the power of travel.

Our corporate core values as developed by our team are:

Always ask if there is a better way
Transforming ideas into creative solutions and obstacles into opportunities is what we do best. Being curious, courageous and anticipating change drives us forward.

We proudly exceed expectations
Our commitments are intentional and transparent. We are thoughtful leaders, advocates and ambassadors for Vancouver. The responsibility to build a sustainable and resilient visitor economy is the foundation of everything we do.

Success has many partners
We build bridges and long-standing relationships. More is achieved when we share our successes as well as our challenges. Together with our partners, we are one ‘Team Vancouver.’

Well-being is our starting place
Being exceptional at what we do starts with creating a culture in which every Team Member can thrive. Each of us are more motivated, engaged and productive when our wellness is a priority.

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Our Leadership

Destination Vancouver is a destination marketing & management organization and business association. Prior to the COVID pandemic represented approximately 1,000 members, we now have 800 Members in tourism and related industries/activities. Our purpose is to effectively market Metro Vancouver as a destination for leisure, meeting and event travelers. Our goals are to attract visitors to the region, encourage them to stay longer and ensure they return. This is done through the coordinated group action of members and team members working together.

Experience Vancouver (Visitor Services & Sales)

  • Experience Vancouver
  • Cultural Tourism


  • Marketing (Consumer, Trade and Meetings)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Communications & Media Relations
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Services

Destination Development

  • Destination Development
  • Membership Services
  • Destination Sustainability

Meetings & Conventions

  • Market Development - Meeting & Convention Sales
  • Convention Services
  • MIND Partnership

International Markets

  • Travel Trade 

Corporate Services

  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources

Board of Directors

In order to accurately reflect the activities of our members, Destination Vancouver is led by our Board of Directors. Based on the mandate of the Board of Directors, the organization develops the strategies and plans to implement initiatives and achieve the desired results and targets. Strong leadership and guidance is provided by our 15 member Board of Directors, who represent each aspect of Greater Vancouver's tourism industry. These board members contribute their extensive knowledge and experience to our organization.

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