Vancouver Visual Art Foundation

  • 900-570 Granville St.
  • Vancouver, BC V6C 1X6
  • Phone: 604.817.6464

Vancouver Visual Art Foundation (VVAF) is a non-profit organisation that aims to inspire, educate, and connect local and international art communities. They want to to help nurture Vancouver’s creative community and establish Vancouver as being a city that successfully supports the arts.

They produce the world class art event Art Vancouver, featuring reputable art galleries and artists from across Canada and around the world. The fair hosts a comprehensive, curated program of interesting artist talks, panel discussions, artist demonstrations, art workshops and performances. Special events are located onsite as well as off-site in satellite locations.

As well as Art Vancouver, VVAF also produce art events throughout the year across the city, such as Art Masters, Art Downtown, Art Talks, and Art Ignites. 

You may also visit their gallery downtown Vancouver called Art @Bentall and purchase art from local and international artists.