Through the joint efforts of the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society (CAS), Destination Vancouver and the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver has been selected to host the distinguished World Congress of Anaesthesiology in 2028!

This annual conference is a significant win for the city as it will bring together 9,000 anaesthesia and perioperative care providers from 130+ countries to Vancouver. The World Congress of Anaesthesiology is an extraordinary opportunity for the promotion of science, education, training, networking, and the exchange of experience across the spectrum of anaesthesiology. The work that the members do to advance the field of anesthesia will leave a long legacy in the city.  

The bid process was especially involved, and the final submission included a 15-minute bid video presentation and a 45-minute final Q&A virtual presentation to the selection committee.  With the support of two key members of the Canadian Anesthesiology Society, Dr. Daniel Bainbridge and Dr. Hilary Grocott, Destination Vancouver and the Vancouver Convention Centre produced an incredible presentation that was crucial to the success of the bid. The video showcased the awe-inspiring reasons why Vancouver would be the perfect destination for the Congress to host their meeting in 2028.

Destination Vancouver and the Vancouver Convention Centre are proud to have worked with Dr. Daniel Bainbridge, Dr. Hilary Grocott, the executive team at the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society and local PCO International Conference Services to bring this important meeting to Vancouver.