Credit: Rishad Daroowala / Tourism Vancouver


It has been a hot summer so far in Vancouver, and there's no better way to cool off than with some Ice Cream. Some of Vancouver's favorite Ice Cream joints have created special flavors and desserts that were launched this season:

Di Beppe
8 W Cordova Street

Not only is Di Beppe fantastic at creating authentically Italian dishes, but also at creating some amazing authentic Italian desserts. Try their Gelato Morbido in flavors Fior di latte or Gianduja. It is recommended to try them in a “twist” so you can taste the best of both worlds. 

Rain or Shine
#103-1926 W 4th Avenue

Rain or Shine prides itself on their usage of locally sourced ingredients. All of their ice cream is made with 100% dairy and no eggs, allowing for the flavors to shine through. Try the Honey Lavender or Coffee Toffee or even customize your own ice cream sundae or milkshake.

TacofinoXBeta5 Diablo Horchata Ice Cream Sandwich

Earlier this summer, Vancouver chocolatiers Beta5 collaborated with Tacofino Vancouver in the creation of their Horchata Ice Cream Sandwich. The horchata ice cream, custom created by Beta5, is placed between two of Tacofino’s signature Diablo Cookies. The sandwiches are available throughout the summer at all of Tacofino’s brick-and-mortar locations.

1141 Mainland Street 

Mister is known for its unique incorporation of Liquid Nitrogen into their Ice Cream making process. The Liquid Nitrogen is used to rapidly freeze the ice cream, in turn, making it creamier. All of their ingredients are sourced from local farmers and support the B.C. community. Try their Dark Chocolate or Matcha White Chocolate Dip, Smores Bar, or their new DL Pineapple Ice Cream Sandwich available at Mister and permanently at Downlow Chicken Shack on Commercial Drive.

Umaluma Dairy-Free Gelato
235 East Pender Street

Umaluma carries over 35 dairy-free and plant-based flavors in-store at their Chinatown location. The gelateria has regular, rotating, and seasonal flavors that are placed into categories like Vanillas, Chocolates, Italian Flavours, Exotics, and many more. Try their regular item, Drunken Cherry, available by the pint.

The Praguery
221 Abbott Street 

Originally mobile Ice Cream Trucks, the Praguery has expanded their business and have opened their first brick-and-mortar in Vancouver’s historic Gastown. The Praguery is most known for their Sweet Prague Cones; freshly baked chimney cakes filled with soft-serve ice cream. 

Soft Peaks
25 Alexander Street

Soft Peaks ice cream is handcrafted and organic, making it an all-natural, and lower in calorie alternative to traditional ice cream. Top your soft serve with locally sourced ingredients like honeycomb and blueberries.