Vancouver dining has never been more the talk of the town since the Michelin guide awarded the city eight One Stars in late October. But while the food, with good reason, is the focus of all restaurants, it’s undeniable that where they are located can be a big attraction. Case in point, local spot Ask for Luigi in Vancouver’s Railtown neighbourhood offers an Italian-inspired menu full of comfort food in an exquisitely designed ‘little white house.’ The small corner building affords a coziness and intimacy that is very appealing.

Belgard Kitchen, operating out of the historic Settlement Building Brand Collective on the edge of Gastown, is another impressive restaurant location and a popular after-work spot. Beautiful fir post and beam construction in this heritage building is discovered once one goes through the grand wooden door. The atmosphere created and enjoyed is unparalleled in the city.

The famous Jameson House in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s financial district is where exceptional modern food and coffee can be enjoyed at Palate Kitchen. Enjoy historical architecture with upscale interiors, high ceilings and mezzanines like nowhere else at Palate. This Georgian Revival Style heritage building was built in 1921 and rehabilitated in 2011. In 2020 Palate Kitchen became the newest host of this stunning space.