Vancouver chefs are inspired daily by our incredible local bounty – from a wild ocean; dark forests that provide savoury mushrooms; and Fraser Valley farms where so many of our local produce grows. This affords a sustainable way of cooking and an ethical way of dining. In addition to great product, Vancouver is home to many chefs who have brought their international and regional cuisines and techniques and used them to interpret this local bounty. No wonder Vancouver has become a seriously foodie city!

This is the case with acclaimed Published on Main Chef Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson who has made Vancouver his home. Chef Stieffenhofer-Brandson shares some of his insider tips on the city.

Favourite Vancouver neighbourhood: I live in Hastings Sunrise, have for almost 8 years now. I love how everything I need is within walking distance, so many great little restaurants, shops, bars, and grocery options I have around me. I live pretty much on top of Jackelopes, my favorite bar, and right across from Donalds Market. It makes life easy. I also love Mount Pleasant, where we have our restaurants. Again, the sense of community and the proximity of it all that I love most. 

Favourite place to get your caffeine kick: Novella! I love the coffee program we have there. In my hood, it's likely Platform 7.

An afternoon Vancouver adventure: I love to rip across the bridge to Lower Seymour / Lynn Canyon area of North Vancouver. There are lots of beautiful forests within 20 minutes from my place. Not usually too busy - nice little places of mossy forest to take a nature bath. In the summer it’s definitely Locarno Beach.  

A well-loved dining spot in your neighbourhood: I eat at Mr. RedCafe more than anywhere else. I pretty much eat the same few things every time too - papaya salad, Vong Village young rice cakes, and bun bo hue. 

Something about Vancouver few people might know: If you were so inclined, you can be in the mountains mucking about and then dip in the ocean, within an hour of each other. I've always loved that.