The 2nd annual Latin American Heritage Festival organized by Latincouver is taking place from October 14th to November 2nd. It recognizes the community’s contribution to Canadian society and in Vancouver, with its growing and diverse population that includes many of Latin American origin, the festival highlights the community’s vibrant culture, cuisine, music, and dance. Workshops, Latino Night, and Day of the Dead festivities will take place at Granville Island and at the Museum of Anthropology this year. A mini market at Granville Island will feature 30 food vendors highlighting Latin American cuisine on October 29 and 30th. More information about the festival can be found on their website.

Latin American fare continues to grow in popularity and Vancouver has no shortage of delicious options for trying authentic Latin American cuisine.

An immersive cultural and culinary experience in authentic Mexican food can be had at the latest restaurant addition in Granville Island. Alimentaria Mexicana showcases and supports Mexican farmers and artisans’ time-honored techniques and ingredients in their menu. Paying homage to their origins in an authentic way is top of mind for the Alimentaria team.

In the Main Street neighbourhood El Camino’s bar and restaurant showcases street food inspired from across Latin American in a fun and lively space. With excellent music and a great patio, El Camino’s is a neighbourhood favourite.

For a refined and elevated approach to authentic Mexican cuisine, Ophelia in the Olympic Village area is not to be missed. Inspired by and named after Chef Francisco Higareda’s mother, Ophelia offers a wonderful opportunity to savour a true taste of Latin cuisine.

With the recent opening of Ophelia’s sister restaurant Monarca Cocina Mexicana, the historic Gastown neighbourhood now boasts modern, authentic, “new age” Mexican fare. With vibrant greenery, striking wallpaper and sophisticated tile, the ambiance only adds to the excellent overall experience.