From our heart to yours. This summer is your chance to experience your home in a whole new "love" light.
Support local hotels, restaurants and attractions when you plan your vacation right here in Vancouver.


You are here.
Three small words. A dot on a map.
Or, if you look closer, breathe a little deeper, a reminder.

You are here.

Here, where the ocean and the mountains meet like old friends.
Here, where no amount of rain can stop walkers from walking or runners from running.
Here, where no matter what’s going on in the world, a 9 o’clock cannon reminds you you’re home.

Here is a place known for its natural wonders, its breathtaking beauty, but made special because, well, you are here.

It’s you who stitches our diverse fabric together.
You, who breathes character into every café and corner store that defines our neighbourhoods.
You, who keeps the pulse of this city beating and beating.
Yes, it beats softer now, as we all do our part.
But summer is coming back, and so are you.

You’ll see all the sights, explore the attractions, and experience this place with fresh eyes.
You’ll travel the world here, from restaurant to restaurant.
You’ll buy and try local, and support your neighbours.
From hotels to markets to mom-and-pop shops,
you’ll open new doors and keep old ones from closing.

Because this place is home and you are its heart.
Our dot on the map.
All because you are here.
Love, Vancouver

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