Notable Arts & Culture Events this Season

Surrounded by so much beauty, it’s hard not to be inspired. From Indigenous art cherished in our galleries and museums to modern innovators at work in music and theater, Vancouver’s cultural landscape shines as bright as its natural counterpart.

Local Galleries & Museums

Delve deep into the history of the people that have called British Columbia home for millenia, and explore the future of our world through the eyes of the most innovative international artists in a single tour of Vancouver’s world-renowned galleries and museums.


Notable Art Events This Season

The world’s most celebrated artists call Vancouver home this season, offering one-of-a-kind opportunities to see their masterworks in entirely new ways.


Artful Stays & Sights

You’ll want your camera always at the ready with a stay in Vancouver, where it seems around every corner there is a frame-worthy pic just waiting to be snapped.




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