Vida Spa

  • 845 Burrard Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6Z2K6
  • Phone: 604.682.8432, Toll Free: 1.800.401.4018

Vida Spas embody a brand that is truly unique in the spa experience.

Our Ayurvedic foundation is what sets us apart. Based on the foundation of this 5000-year old Indian philosophy, our mission is to restore each customer’s energy and wellbeing to help them get the most from life. Guests are left with a feeling far beyond what any traditional spa experience can offer.

Vida’s inside-out approach takes into account the improvement of the whole person, not just outside appearance. Our approach to health is preventative as much as it is proactive.  Each person’s journey to this destination is different.

That’s why we respect the individual and always take personal needs into account before providing a comprehensive approach to getting there.