Uno Gelato - Vancouver Convention Centre

  • 30-1055 Canada Place
  • Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3
  • Phone: 604.733.5884

Uno Gelato handcrafts Italian style gelato and sorbetto from scratch, made fresh daily. The company embraces a “farm-to-cone” philosophy utilizing the best natural ingredients, and partners with local farmers and suppliers. At Uno Gelato you will experience the sublime flavours of true artisan gelato, created and produced by an amazingly talented team of local craftsmen and women. You won’t find bubblegum flavoured gelato, but you will find year-round favourites as well as seasonal creations using the very best natural ingredients available. From Vancouver Island Sea Salt to Avalon Dairy organic milk and the freshest local fruits and herbs, Uno Gelato is a sensory experience you won’t forget. Uno Gelato Locations KITSILANO | 2579 WEST BROADWAY VANCOUVER CONVENTION CENTRE | 30-1055 CANADA PLACE FALSE CREEK | 601 STAMPS LANDING VANCOUVER