Tourism Vancouver Island

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Nestled along Canada’s West Coast, the Vancouver Island region is a paradise of tranquil islands, pristine coastlines, and emerald forests, where the ever-present Pacific Ocean shapes the scenery and softens the climate. Lush old-growth rainforests where the trees form a cool canopy over hiking trails, sparkling wave-swept beaches that stretch for miles, majestic mountains with glittering glaciers and snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear rivers teeming with fish, sun-dappled lakes surrounded by parkland, alpine meadows filled with wildflowers, rolling vistas of farmland and vineyards – it’s one awe-inspiring view after another. And whether you are strolling on a beach or cycling a country lane, watching an artist at work or enjoying a seafood feast on a sunny patio, you feel the magic of being on an island surrounded by the magnificence of the Pacific Ocean.

Geographically, the Vancouver Island region is situated less than 20 minutes by air from Vancouver. The region encompasses Vancouver Island itself, a huge island measuring 32,261 square kilometres (19,356 square miles) and the location of Victoria, British Columbia’s capital city; hundreds of islands and islets, among which are the Gulf Islands and the Discovery Islands; and a sizable portion of the mainland’s fjord-like coastline.

And thanks to the warming currents of the Pacific Ocean and the protection of the Coast Mountains, the Vancouver Island region has the mildest climate in Canada, making any time of year an ideal time to visit.