Tojo's Restaurant

  • 1133 Broadway West
  • Vancouver, BC V6H 1G1
  • Phone: 604.872.8050
Featuring a grand sushi bar and a panorama kitchen, the new Tojo’s at 1133 West Broadway harmonizes exclusive ambiance and extra-ordinary food.

Tojo, the master chef, combines mastery of traditional Japanese culinary with the best seasonal ingredients of the West Coast to offer an unforgettable dining experience. At a table or the sushi bar, try omakase, a tasting menu comprised of the day’s best culinary pieces. At the sushi bar the chef himself will attend to your dinner for an utmost omakase dining.

If ‘kampai’ is your thing, come to our sake bar where sakes from Japan and elsewhere make up the most extensive sake list in the city, along with great cocktails for those who prefer softer drinks.

Dining & Nightlife


  • Largest Private Room Capacity: 30
  • Meal Type:
    • Dinner

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