Swallow Tail Culinary Adventures

  • 495 East 20th Avenue
  • Vancouver, BC V5V 1M6
  • Phone: 778.319.9453


Mushroom foraging, crab-catch & cook trips, online Pacific Northwest foraging courses from seafood to native medicinal plants. Our private or public tours are guided by local Vancouver chefs, fishermen and foragers.  We also offer unique catered experiences and event planning.

FORAGING - Discover delicious ingredients you've never heard of and learn to safely identify BC's wild edibles.  Come foraging with us May to November to taste salmonberries, local seaweeds, shellfish or wild mushrooms depending on the season.

Learn what you can sustainably sea forage in Vancouver, BC whit out a boat! Last year’s sold out sea foraging event is back. Your wildcraft guide will discuss how to forage for seaweed, fish, crab, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, clams like geoduck, scallops, oysters, geoduck, mussels and lots more seafood in B.C. How your seafood tastes reflects the characters of the ocean, so winter is actually the best time to eat when the water is cold and clear. Chef Robin will be talking about all her harvesting tips and serving you… more