Sunmore Ginseng Group

  • 925 McGill Place
  • Kamloops, BC V2C 6N9
  • Phone: 250.374.3017, Toll Free: 1.888.289.8222

參盟西洋參 Sunmore Ginseng 本公司坐落於卑斯省甘露市市中心附近,並提供: 100% 來自加拿大純淨無汙染的優質西洋參,純天然新鮮、無人工添加物、身體無負擔。 100% 通過無農藥、無重金屬、無防腐劑、無色素之檢驗標準。 100% 符合加拿大GMP工廠國家標準,嚴謹通過品質檢驗,專業提升精純技術、獨創香濃口感 100% 無糖、無咖啡因,純淨健康,提供糖尿病及素食者優質養生食品。 歡迎到本店,網上, 或者是在溫哥華機場內的免稅店World Duty Free購買。 選擇參盟西洋參,選擇健康。 Sunmore Ginseng We are dedicated to producing and selling 100% natural, pure and healthy North American ginseng related products with Canadian grown ginseng. Sunmore Healthtech Ltd. is also the only company in N.A with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise ) which indicates from raw material inspection, producing to the final product are all up to Canadian Government quality assurance standard that makes our product long been welcomed and renowned all over the world. Our store is located at the 925 McGill place Kamloops, just 10 mins away from downtown area. Our products are also available online or Vancouver airport (YVR) inside World duty Free store, a must take for souvenir and gift for your friends and family on the way back home. Sunmore Ginseng Spa Sunmore Ginseng Spa created and established in 2004 is the only ginseng spa in North America. It offers more ginseng related services and experiences, in which ginseng is used in health, beauty and relaxation applications. In addition, the fusion design of oriental and western cultural elements makes Sunmore Ginseng Spa one of a kind in the world. Our service is provided by appointment only. Guests can choose from one of our 5 spacious and luxurious themed suites named after the 5 Chinese elements and complete the time here in the soothing and tranquil atmosphere of our Asian tea house.