Sunmore Ginseng Group

  • 925 McGill Place
  • Kamloops, BC V2C 6N9
  • Phone: 250.374.3017, Toll Free: 1.888.289.8222

Sunmore Healthtech Ltd. located in Kamloops includes 2 facilities: the ginseng factory and the ginseng spa. Since 1991 Sunmore Healthtech Ltd. has been recognized as a leader in ginseng manufacturing in North America with a custom-built 18,000 square feet facility and the state of the art technology, which is the only such facility in North America with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification awarded by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

We are dedicated to producing and selling 100% natural, pure and healthy North American ginseng related products with Canadian grown ginseng. Our quality North American ginseng products have long been welcomed and renowned all over the world.

The ginseng information centre attached to Sunmore Ginseng factory which opens year round provides free educational ginseng tour to all individual and group visitors. During the ginseng tour, guests will be able to learn the history, value, benefits, and usages of North American ginseng, learn how to distinguish North American ginseng from Asian ginseng, and obtain the information on how to use North American ginseng in daily life with a guided presentation, films, pictures, exhibits, or ginseng collections, and complete the tour by a free tasting of various North American ginseng products samples.

Sunmore Ginseng Spa created and established in 2004 is the only ginseng spa in North America. It offers more ginseng related services and experiences, in which ginseng is used in health, beauty and relaxation applications. In addition, the fusion design of oriental and western cultural elements makes Sunmore Ginseng Spa one of a kind in the world. Our service is provided by appointment only. Guests can choose from one of our 5 spacious and luxurious themed suites named after the 5 Chinese elements and complete the time here in the soothing and tranquil atmosphere of our Asian tea house.