SOS Charging Solutions & Web.AR

  • 1206 20 Ave SE
  • Calgary, AB T2G 1M8
  • Phone: 403.478.8725

Working with SOS is simple. Our years of industry experience has allowed us to boil down what we do into the 4 step process outlined in the video. Your job is to produce events that defy expectations, which is no easy task. Our efficiency means we can provide a premier product at a reasonable price.

Mobile phone charging by SOS: essential for all events, yet simple to execute.

SOS WebAR allows you to provide immersive augmented reality using a web browser rather than an app. It is a frictionless way to elevate your professional brand and enhance your target-market’s experience by bringing our real world together with a strategically designed, virtual world. Simply scan a QR code or tap on a web link and start interacting with the virtual world in front of you.

Our mission with SOS WebAR is to simplify the way AR can be deployed without complex barriers, such as:

  • the need for an app (development, updates, management, etc.)

  • size and scope of projects vs the outcome of the experience

  • and prohibitively high costs.