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  • 3593 Main St.
  • Vancouver, BC V5V 3N4
  • Phone: 604.423.4840
It’s our hope that our cuisine excites and intrigues, we fall into our local habitat for influences with a nod to our journey and a bow to the global culinary playground. Contemporary with a focus on local and sustainable, we enjoy supporting our much loved local farms and producers. Highlighting the best of what we can find for each season, quite literally as we have a passion for foraging born of our journey through some of Europe’s top restaurants. We offer a large selection of dishes, designed to be enjoyed the way we like to eat, much and varied, flavours to be shared amongst friends. Some things might be new to you, somethings might remind you of a notion from your past, we want to try and tell a story through clean and precise flavours, delicately chosen and presented for your consuming pleasure.
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  • Michelin Award:
    • One Star