Pacific Coastal Airlines

  • 204 - 4440 Cowley Crescent
  • Richmond, BC V7B 1B8
  • Phone: 604.273.8666, Toll Free: 800.663.2872
Pacific Coastal Airlines - We're in the Business of British Columbia 65+ DESTINATIONS - Regularly scheduled flights to 15+ airports in BC. Regularly scheduled flights to 50+ coastal destinations in BC WESTERN CANADA AT YOUR DOORSTEP. Regularly chartered flights throughout western Canada. MAIL AND CARGO Up to 7,200 pounds in western Canada Supporting FedEx, DHL and Canada Post. ESSENTIAL SERVICE Connecting remote communities in BC Medical travel, blood and organ transport, Emergency support including transportation of people, equipment & supplies. FIRST NATIONS Providing health travel, mail and cargo transportation. Creating local jobs and supporting business development. GOVERNMENT SERVICES Providing travel options for federal, provincial ministries and crown corporations. ECONOMIC GROWTH Providing services to companies in resource, mining and renewal energy sectors Transportation of goods and services. Creating local jobs.