Maplewood Farm

  • 405 Seymour River Place
  • North Vancouver, BC V7H 1S6
  • Phone: 604.929.5610
Maplewood Farm opened in 1975 and has become a well loved and visited attraction on Vancouver's North Shore. Operated by the municipal District of North Vancouver, Parks Department, Maplewood offers a unique opportunity for folks, especially families with younger children. It's a safe and fun environment to connect with the real animals often featured in children stories. The small stature Pygmy goats, sometimes a lamb or a calf await visitors in the popular visiting area called "Goathill". The pure white New Zealand Rabbits welcome folks into "Rabbitat". Carrots are passé here but enter this visiting area with dandelions, kale or parsley and you will have many furry fast friends! The Farm has many other farm animals too, from the largest, the Belgian Draft Horses down to the smallest, the tiny bantam Chickens who are smaller than crows! Approximately 200 animals and birds make Maplewood their home.
The Farm is located on 5 pastoral acres, land that has been agricultural since the early 1900's.

Pony Rides are a popular activity of the Farm. Available April 1 through to the end of October, the Custom rides are available by booking in advance. Recommended for groups like Birthday Parties cost is $95. per hour and are available weekends only in all weather conditions.

Daily at 1:15pm inside the Livestock Barn, a milking demonstration is conducted featuring either a cow or goats.

A Sheep Fair is held the last Sunday in May. The Farm's flock of sheep are shorn by a professional shearer after being "worked" by Border Collie Dogs. Members of the Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild show folks what happens to wool once it has left the sheep.

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