Di Beppe

  • 8 W Cordova Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6B 1C9
  • Phone: 604.559.1122
Di Beppe is inspired by the Italian immigrant's desire to share a piece of home while living abroad. There's a real sense of pride that is deeply engrained within Italian culture - and why not? Everything is done with passion and romance. Every Italian believes that their individual version of pretty much anything is truly "the best". This is what allows Italians to provide that level of hospitality to guests in their homes and share the food they prepare and love with surreal confidence. It's that almost delirious belief of self that makes even the biggest skeptics consider the idea that "maybe there really is nowhere else on earth you can go to get peppers like these..." The Italian desire to share the food and drink of "home" is nothing new - the delivery is confident yet humble and sincere, borne of true love and that ever-present Italian pride. Welcome to di Beppe. A young Italian restaurant with an old Italian soul.

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