Deighton Cup

  • 188 N Renfrew St
  • Vancouver, BC V5K 3N8
  • Phone: 604.323.4494

Bring your hats, equestrian-themed pashmina afghans and best cuff-links, it’s time for a good old fashioned day at the races. Named as one of the most fashionable and playful events in Vancouver, the Deighton Cup returns for its 12th anniversary on July 18th, 2020. Come and join us for another rousing edition of derby action at Hastings Racecourse!

Hastings Racetrack stands on the precipice of a new adventure of expansion - the next chapter of an impressive cultural legacy. In moving forward, the Deighton Cup emerges as a contemporary and chic nod to a sophisticated and rich history - one that much like the golden ages of society horse racing - puts fashion, art, music and cocktails at the heart of the celebration.

This daytime festival will be bigger and better than ever, with one giant marquee and concourse playing host to well over 7000 derby revelers. It's time to be entertained at the sport of kings and queens, Saturday, July 18, 2020!