Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

  • 6265 Crescent Road
  • Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
  • Phone: 604.822.2967

Chan Shun Concert Hall

Named after the patriarch of the Chan family, the 1185 (+/–) seat Chan Shun Concert Hall's acoustics and intimate surroundings are second to none.

The shape of the hall takes its inspiration from the cello. Its blond maple curved walls, which resemble the contours of the musical instrument, assist in providing an even distribution of sound. Audience members sit within this "reverberation chamber," where the subtlest change in musical colour or volume can be heard. Concrete walls are oriented in a reverse fan to reflect the sound without echo.

The Chan Shun's jewel in the crown is a sparkling 22.7-tonne acoustic canopy, a chandelier-like mechanism that reflects sound back to the performers and to the audience. Suspended on cables, the canopy is adjustable in height to accommodate a variety of groups and musical styles: lower settings are typically used for soloists and smaller ensembles while higher settings are preferred for orchestras and amplified productions. The hall's acoustics are further adjusted by motorized, sound-absorbent fabric banners, which can be dropped from the ceiling to mask the walls.

Simple architectural finishes extend the musical motif: cables and frets grace the upper walls, complemented by white maple soffits and balcony fronts.


  • 1185 (+/–) seats, with an additional 180 seats available in choral loft above the stage
  • Adjustable 22.7-tonne chandelier-like acoustic canopy, designed to accommodate a variety of performances
  • Orchestra pit with mechanical lift
  • Motorized, sound-absorbent fabric banners to further enhance acoustic adaptability
  • Two grand pianos: a nine-foot Steinway and a seven-foot, six-inch Yamaha


Telus Studio Theatre

Designed as an experimental venue, the Telus Studio Theatre accommodates several stage configurations, which can be adjusted to meet specific production needs. Seating is arranged on three levels of 12 towers, placed in a horseshoe shape.

Thanks to its unique features, this innovative space is an attractive venue for theatre productions, performances by small music ensembles, speaker/lecture events, and receptions.


  • Up to a maximum of 275 seats, depending on stage configuration
  • Flexible theatre with 12 tri-level seating towers
  • Suitable acoustics for a variety of musical and spoken word events
  • Comprehensive catwalk system for lighting and rigging access


Royal Bank Cinema

This cinema has the capacity to screen a number of digital video and film formats from a variety of sources. Furnished with cushioned seats with folding desk trays, the space is well suited for screenings, lectures and conference workshops.


  • 160 seats with folding desk trays
  • Surround sound
  • DVD, Blu-Ray, and video connection for laptops are available
  • HD quality digital projector, 16mm and 35mm film projection, and 35mm slide projection are available
  • Separate entrance and lobby area 
  • UBC Wi-Fi Internet access available
  • Wired network access by special arrangement



Glass Lobby

Airy and bright with soaring windows, the Chan Centre's elegant glass lobby captures the tranquility of the forested outdoors and sets the tone for an engaging performance experience. Whether the hub of intermission mingling or the spot for a post-show reception, its spacious ambience provides the perfect complement to the artistic activity taking place within the venues.


  • 18 foot-high canted glass windows to maximize views of adjacent forest
  • Fully equipped bar and espresso counter
  • Cushioned benches
  • Adjacent outdoor licensed patio area


Great Performers Lounge

With ample floor space, the Great Performers Lounge is a natural spot for meetings and receptions. This room is accessible to all the Chan venues and to the backstage area.


  • Bar and tables for receptions
  • Sound links to concert hall and studio theatre
  • Adjacent to Royal Bank Cinema


Facility Info

  • Space Notes Telus Studio Theatre in the Chan building seats 100 or 150 standing
  • Theatre Capacity 1369

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