BC Hospitality Foundation

  • Capilano PO
  • Phone: 604.986.3256

The goal of the BC Hospitality Foundation is to be the charity of choice within the food, beverage, and hospitality industry so we can build an ongoing trust fund and become self-sustaining.

To achieve this, we plan to:

  • - continue building strategic alliances with community and corporate stakeholders and industry associations to raise both awareness and funds
  • - organize and facilitate fundraising initiatives and events that will also raise our organization’s profile, role, and need
  • - distribute funds to individuals who need specific support during times of critical health or medical crisis
  • - maintain transparency with an established and recognized set of values.

Vision & Mission

Working together to help our own. Our vision is to be the industry’s charity of choice, providing financial support for individuals within the hospitality community who are coping with a financial crisis arising from a health or medical condition Our mission is to offer financial assistance, beyond traditional medical benefits and insurances, to individuals within the hospitality community in their times financial need. As well, we are committed to supporting the industry’s next generation by providing scholarships to selected students enrolled in hospitality, culinary and wine programmes in BC.

Hope. Opportunity. Inspiration.