A Taste of Nature

  • 3237 Woodland Drive
  • Vancouver, BC V5N 3R5
  • Phone: 604.312.2034

Join us for an eco-tour that offers a new type of food experience in BC's coastal lands - "Forest to Table Cuisine." Our local naturalist and wild food culinary expert host takes you on a sensory journey of indigenous food through prepared food tastings at different locations in the forest and on the beach. This modern interpretation of indigenous food is an emerging movement in the culinary world. It is not a foraging tour, a campout, or a restaurant tasting. Instead, it is a curated whole sensory experience that tells the story of the region's past such as Stanley Park and present through delicious prepared ingredients sourced locally. You will leave with a strong sense of place. 

Our Tastings include:

Smoked Salmon 3 Ways 

This staple food source in the Temperate Rain Forest is preserved in a variety of tasty and ingenious ways. Salmon is a core tenant of the culture and the ecosystem and helps to tell the story of the region.

Forest Berries

Explore the understory of the forest and the shrubs that dominate the forest floor with our preserved berries served on a hazelnut tart.


Learn about the fascinating world of fungi and its integral role as the recycler of the forest with health benefits we are just beginning to understand. This tasting is paired with Sea Asparagus and served on Yukon sourdough.

Tidal Platter

Appreciate the unique environment that our tides and rocky beaches create as a habitat for seaweed and shellfish. Local delicacies like Dungeness crab and spot prawns are served alongside the often underrated but fascinating and crucial ingredient of seaweed.

Spruce Tip Tea

Harvested from new needles in the springtime and combined with local honey, this traditional drink makes for a delicious and healthy tea


  • 4 tastings: Various types of smoked salmon.

  • Expert naturalist-guide & wild food expert will greet at the hotel, provide tour commentary during the transfers, and host the eco-tasting tour

  • 1 hour of gentle walking on level ground on forest trails with breaks for tastings and discussion

  • 45 min of gathering and strolling along the beach with breaks for tastings

  • 15 min for group and individual photos

Location: 2nd Beach in Stanley Park

2nd Beach is a serene and picturesque spot in Stanley Park. It has sweeping views of the North Shore Mountains next to dense, lush evergreen forest. We include short walks on several flat public trails and include guided beachcombing in the sand and tidal areas. It's the favorite spot among locals and has the perfect amenities needed for guest comfort.