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All you need is a passport for a bigger, better, chiller, North-ER travel experience. All chiller, no filler is a way of life on the Canadian West Coast, giving you more in every way you can imagine. Discover more connection with the great outdoors, only a short flight away from one the world's richest natural environments. Find more cultural experiences, from global cuisine to local arts and music. Let yourself lean into more luxury and relaxation, and experience the vibe of the West Coast. More in every way, including a wallet-friendly exchange rate, meaning your dollar goes further up here.  

Go North-ER.

Because sometimes, more is more.


Events, sports and festivals where the people are warm and the activities are chill.  

Closer than you think
Restrictions are lifted, all you need is your passport! Dig into the details, plus special deals on hotels and packages.


When global culture meets wild northwest terroir, the results are fresh and full of flavor.

Get physical! Adventure awaits in the great outdoors.


Feel your worries melt away. West Coast calm means relaxation on a whole new level.

Every community has a story. Dive into cultural experiences and the arts.





It’s time to go Norther

The Pacific Northwest isn’t just a place. It’s a state of mind. It’s where the vistas stretch far out, where every breath renews, and where every single day is filled with anticipation. And out of all the places in the PNW, Vancouver is where you get more of it all. More Pacific-ER. More North-ER. More West-ER. The real Pacific Northwest is in Vancouver.







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