What The Frock Productions: Spring Events

Comedy, drag, brunches, performances, & more!

With What.The.Frock Productions you'll never get bored! Curious, funny, witty and clever concepts combined with humor. A cavalcade of fun and enjoyable events for all occasions.


Spring Events:

St. Patrick's Day Drag Lunch - March 17th @ Burgoo

Live Lounge at NorthPoint Brewing - March 21st @ NorthPoint Brewing

The Brave Games - March 22nd @ Brave Brewing

EASTER Edition of Bacon & L'eggs. All-Ages Drag Show - March 31st @ Zawa Restaurant

Drag Makeup Course / Dressing Room Graduation Show - April 6th @ 2205 Commercial Dr

TRIVINGO! Trivia, Bingo and Drag on the North Shore - April 18th @ North Point Brewing

The Burna & Peter Takeover - April 19th @ 2205 Commercial Dr

LOOKOUT! Drag Queens! - April 27th @ Vancouver Lookout

The Banana October Mimi Takeover - A Unique Drag Experience - May 10th @ 2205 Commercial Dr

Werk in Progress Drag Lunch - May 26th @ Burgoo Downtown


What The Frock Productions: Spring Events