Getting to Know Chinese Folk Musical Instruments

The Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble and 2024 Juno-nominated singer Ginalina invites you on a cross-cultural adventure of songs and stories with the swirling sounds of ancient Chinese instruments, erhu, suona, and guzheng. With a playful storyteller as your tour guide, children will be invited to make a new friend, take a pretend mountain train ride, and dance to the world-famous Jasmine Flower song!

Sing-alongs will be shared, special instruments will be plucked, and new languages will be spoken. Embark on this cross-cultural journey with Ginalina and friends to discover the beauty of Canada’s diversity. Through music, stories and language, children will be entertained and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures.


Chinatown Storytelling Centre

June 15th, 2024

Getting to Know Chinese Folk Musical Instruments
578 Carrall Street