Earth & Aether: the archaeology of soul and sky

Be the first to hear two world premiere works that explore our human story through remnants we have left in the earth, and signals we have sent into the sky. Funded by the Diane Loomer Commissioning Fund, Chor Leoni commissioned two of the world’s most exciting choral composers, Melissa Dunphy and Grammy-nominated Kile Smith, to take you on a journey through our past and future. In these two works, you’ll examine the legacies we have left behind on our planet, and the sounds – music and words – we have sent out as space-traveling radio waves. All of this will be painted through the sound of Chor Leoni joined by harpist Vivian Chen and saxophonist Julia Nolan, as choral singing transcends both space and time.

St. Andrew's-Wesley United 

May 10 & May 11

Earth & Aether: the archaeology of soul and sky
1022 Nelson Street