Chor Leoni Announces 30th Season and Return to Live Performances

  • Location: St. Andrew's Wesley United Church
  • Address:
  • 1022 Nelson St
  • Vancouver, BC V6E 4S7

Chor Leoni Men’s Choir announces its extraordinary 30th season with the presentation of six live performances, augmented by accompanying digital concerts, from November 2021 through June 2022. The 2021/22 season highlights include 20 commissioned premieres, a newly-renovated home in the glorious performance space at St. Andrew’s-Wesley, the addition of BC composer Don Macdonald as the new Composer-in-Residence, and the presentation of the brand-new professional chamber ensemble, The Leonids.

The season begins with the choir’s most celebrated tradition, Remembrance Day, Nov 10 & 11, which will mark the first-ever concert performance at the newly-renovated St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church. 

In addition to the choir’s 30th annual Remembrance Day concert, the season includes festive holiday concerts, the pop and jazz showcase PopCappella II, collaborative performances with The Leonids for the VanMan Choral Summit, and a concert showcasing three marvellous composers in the C/4: Canadian Choral Composition Competition.

Chor Leoni’s upcoming season features more than 20 commissioned premieres from a wide range of international and Canadian composers, including new works by BC composer Don Macdonald, the choir’s incoming Composer-in-Residence. 

The 30th season also marks the debut of The Leonids, a dream team project-based professional ensemble under the direction of Chor Leoni’s Artistic Director, Erick Lichte. The Leonids include nine of North America’s finest singers. Together, they will present the highest level of musical excellence and provide an unparalleled level of collaboration, education, and mentorship to Chor Leoni’s youth programs and festival participants.

*Please note that the Vanman Summit Concert on May 14 will be held at Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

Chor Leoni Announces 30th Season and Return to Live Performances
1022 Nelson St