Each spring Vancouver’s rains bring colourful flowers. The city is home to over 40,000 cherry trees, which burst into pink and white blooms between February and May. With so many trees, photographers are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking locations. Here are our recommendations for the best places to photograph cherry blossoms around Vancouver.

Vanier Park

Take a stroll around Vanier Park to spot some beautiful blossoms. There are good photo ops outside the Museum of Vancouver. Its unique architecture makes a great backdrop for the flowers.

Cherry blossoms outside the Museum of Vancouver
Cherry blossoms outside the Museum of Vancouver. Photo: Destination Vancouver/Vision Photograph

Nitobe Memorial Garden

UBC’s Nitobe Memorial Garden is a traditional Japanese garden that is designed to create a sense of harmony with nature. It features several cherry trees that light up with blossoms in the spring. The pink of the cherry blossoms really pops against the greenery of the garden. Check opening hours and ticket info online before you go.

Cherry blossoms at Nitobe Memorial Garden
Cherry blossoms at Nitobe Memorial Garden. Photo: Destination Canada


Queen Elizabeth Park

This park is a popular spot for photos at any time of year. If you’re after cherry blossom photos, head to the slopes on the west side of Queen Elizabeth Park or the area near the park entrance on 33rd Avenue.


Cherry blossoms at Queen Elizabeth ParkCherry blossoms at Queen Elizabeth Park. Photo: Destination Vancouver/Jason Lee Wang


Stanley Park

There are several places to see cherry blossoms in Stanley Park. If you’re walking the seawall, look for a line of trees near the underpass to Lost Lagoon. There are more trees in the Rose Garden and at the Japanese Memorial near the Vancouver Aquarium.

Cherry blossoms in Stanley Park
Cherry blossoms in Stanley Park. Photo: Destination Vancouver/Shirley Willard


Vancouver City Hall

The grounds of Vancouver’s City Hall are home to several cherry trees. Check out the ones near the north entrance for the best photos. Frame your shot to include the art deco building or the statue of George Vancouver.

Cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall
Cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall. Photo: Destination Vancouver/Vision Photography


Downtown Vancouver

Many of downtown Vancouver’s street trees are actually cherry trees. It’s a beautiful surprise to see which ones erupt in blossoms each spring. Wander around to see how many you can find. Some good places to start: Burrard Street Skytrain Station and the west side of the entrance to Waterfront Station.

Cherry blossoms at Burrard Station
Cherry blossoms at Burrard Station. Photo: Destination Vancouver/Vision Photography


Granville Island

Take a stroll around Granville Island to enjoy several different cherry blossom views. There are great flowers on the eastern side of the island facing False Creek. Leave Granville Island and walk a short distance along the seawall to the west to discover even more.

Cherry blossoms near Granville Island
Cherry blossoms near Granville Island. Photo: Destination Vancouver/Vision Photography


Van Dusen Botanical Garden

These gorgeous gardens are a wonderful place to photograph all manner of spring flowers. And of course, they have cherry blossoms too. Make a bee-line for the Hon. David C. Lam Cherry Grove near the Great Lawn for the best cherry blossom photos. Purchase tickets online in advance.

Enjoying the cherry blossoms at Van Dusen Botanical Garden
Enjoying the cherry blossoms at Van Dusen Botanical Garden. Photo: Destination Vancouver/Sombilon Studios


University of British Columbia

UBC’s Point Grey campus has plenty of tree-lined streets. In spring, the cherry trees on Lower Mall burst into flower, creating a pink canopy overhead. You can find more cherry blossoms at the entrance to the UBC Botanical Garden and at Regent College.


Garry Point Park

Richmond’s Garry Point Park has lots of cherry trees set against the backdrop of the Fraser River. The Wakayama Kenjin Kai Society planted the trees in 2000 to celebrate the pioneering legacy of Richmond’s historic Japanese community.

Cherry blossoms at Garry Point Park in Richmond’s Steveston neighbourhood
Cherry blossoms at Garry Point Park in Richmond’s Steveston neighbourhood. Photo: Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival/Facebook


Explore the City

There are rows of cherry trees lining the streets all around Vancouver. Use this handy map from the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival to find blossoms. You can also ride the Skytrain and see if you can spot the pink flowers from above. Heads up: many of these locations are in residential neighbourhoods. Be respectful if you visit.

Cherry blossoms in a Vancouver neighbourhood
Cherry blossoms in a Vancouver neighbourhood. Photo: Destination Vancouver/Kazutoshi Yoshimura