Destination Development

Destination Development is the strategic and continuous planning, collaboration and development of amenities, facilities, products, services, policies and initiatives that will support Vancouver to deliver exceptional experiences for visitors, while enhancing residents’ quality of life and well-being.

Destination Vancouver has several strategic activities underway to ensure a thriving and sustainable destination by addressing key challenges and opportunities.


Product Development

  • Destination Vancouver has heard through tour operators, agents, visitors and locals that there is an opportunity to grow our desirability as a destination through product development. Product Development, whether a new attraction, an expanded program or a signature product, will enhance the reputation of Vancouver and increase the desirability for people to travel to the city.  There is an opportunity to create signature Vancouver products that can operate year-round and embrace the values and promise of our brand. 
  • Our goal is to identify opportunities and potential partners that will build, expand, or develop new unique activities that align with the destination brand, resonate with locals and draw out-of-town visitors.


Visitor Experience

  • Central to any successful tourism strategy is a destination’s ability to deliver a compelling and satisfying visitor experience.  This is realized through a deep understanding and fulfilling the needs of our visitors and ensuring that host-supply services are the best that they can be.
  • Our goal is to develop end to end visitor engagement approach to ensure superior visitor experience and to maximize returns to visitor economy